William and Betty Kidd Scholarships available



Amboy Education Foundation

AMBOY — At the risk of over using an old cliché, but “Sometimes it is too easy to forget how blessed we are.”  

The truest example of this is the ability/honor to formally announce the William and Betty Kidd Scholarship. William and Betty has entrusted the Amboy Education Foundation (AEF) with a substantial endowment to provide scholarships to the students of Amboy CUSD #272. 

Their generosity is just another example of the caring and supportive community we live in. This endowment will have a positive impact on numerous Amboy students for decades to come.  

As many are aware, William and Betty were lifelong farmers and lifetime residents of the Amboy community, attended the United Methodist Church and lived a quiet, peaceful life. In essence, they were bona fide members of the group we call the greatest generation. 

Everyone I asked about them described them with high regard and the nicest couple. Another insight was they were known to have a soft spot for those in need and wanted to help kids get an education that might not be able to attend college without a little help. 

William was a veteran of World War II and a proud alumni of Cornell College in Mt Vernon, Iowa. They have asked preference be shown to any Amboy High School graduates attending his alma mater. 

This year we have allocated $40,000 to scholarships. Scholarships are available for Vocational/Trades colleges as well as Community Colleges and Universities. 

There are also small scholarships for students attending the Whiteside Vocational Career Center of Sauk Valley Community College under the Dual Credit program.    

Interested students can contact Mr. Wissinger or Mrs. Crownhart.

The Amboy Education Foundation is grateful for the trust extended by William and Betty Kidd to help carry on their legacy.