New artwork


When Meusel’s Dairy Delite opened on Wednesday, customers got to view new artwork adorning three windows. Nora Balayti, of Nora Kate Paints, spent Monday working on the designs showcasing menu items at Meusel’s Dairy Delite. Balayti, who recently moved back to her hometown of Dixon from the Chicago area, has been painting the windows at the Dixon Dairy Delite as well.  Balayti is no stranger to the Dairy Delite in Amboy - she worked at the Dairy Delite as her first job when she was 15. For this project, Balayti drew a sketch on the pink paper taped to the window. The sketch was done in reverse, so that it be facing the customers coming up to the window. Balayti was doing the outline first on Monday morning, and then will focus on the colors in the different menu items. She said the whole process would be done on Monday. Molly Meusel said the design of the windows on the Dixon store Balayti came up with. For the Amboy design, the two collaborated on how the windows would look.  By doing the paint on the inside, Meusel said it will help protect the paint and design from the weather. 

Tonja Greenfield/Amboy News