New additions


AMBOY — Amboy Fire is welcoming a new fire truck and a new ambulance to its inventory. Both of these vehicles are pink.

The Amboy Fire Protection District welcomes Jessica, the Pink Heals firetruck, to the Amboy area. The department will be the foster parents of this fire engine and continue the mission of Northern Illinois Guardians of The Ribbon from McHenry County firefighters, and Steve Rusin, president of Pink Heals of Northern Illinois.

According to its Facebook page, the Northern Illinois Guardians of The Ribbon’s mission is about men supporting women in the fight against cancer. The Guardians of The Ribbon, a nationwide organization, dressed in pink fire suits, have driven pink fire trucks across the country every year to spread an awareness campaign supporting all women in their fight against cancer.

Through a relationship cultivated over the past 10 years, when Rusin and his group would make annual visits to Amboy, it was decided that Amboy would be the perfect fit to carry on the mission as Rusin moves on to other commitments.

“I have decided that it is time to hand over the keys to Jessica and let someone else drive forward. There was no question who would be a great successor. I am proud and excited to announce that Jessica and her sister (Our ambulance donated by Foster Coach) will be moving to their new home at the Amboy Fire Department in Amboy,” Rusin posted on the Northern Illinois Guardians of The Ribbon page on May 2. “Fire Chief Jeff Bryant and his organization have always been all-in on everything they do and they have been huge supporters of our mission and our chapter.”

Amboy Fire Protection District has also received a donation of an ambulance from Foster Coach in Sterling, that will be “pinked up” and have insignia in memory of Anna Richter, an Ashton Lt. EMT who lost her battle with cancer and in honor of Tammy Bryant, and Amboy Firefighter who also battled cancer.

About one-third of the funds needed to make the transformation have been received from generous donations from Crest Foods in Ashton, in memory of Richter and other first responders who have struggled with the effects of cancer.

Many area residents who have won their fight with cancer want to be a part of this mission.

“Firefighters stick together,” said Amboy Fire Chief Jeff Bryant. “We have been blessed by this community and we are excited to give back to this community.”

The fireman’s association is taking on the mission at no expense to the fire district. There will be a committee established to set a schedule. Having the ambulance as well, will give the group some extra flexibility. Members who are not able to drive the fire truck most likely can drive the ambulance to an event.

Anyone who wishes to schedule an appearance by Jessica or the ambulance, are encouraged to call the Amboy Fire Station at 815-857-2325.

The Amboy Fire Protection District will continue to sell t-shirts to support the mission. They received the inventory from the McHenry group along with the fire truck.