Join the Revolution

BY GEORGE HOWE, Amboy News Reporter
Posted 6/29/21

AMBOY — There’s been a revolution going on in town for a little more than a year now, one that most people want to be a part of.

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Join the Revolution


AMBOY — There’s been a revolution going on in town for a little more than a year now, one that most people want to be a part of.  

No, city government isn’t being taken over. Owners Allison Hicks, a lifelong Amboy resident, and her fiancé, Demetri Lahman, opened Revolution Wellness in June of 2020 and recently celebrated their one year anniversary.  

The quaint little shop features a mouth watering array of shakes, boosted teas and iced coffees. You will strain your neck trying to gaze at over 100 flavor choices and growing, written on chalk boards that completely consume the walls as you step through the doors. Your senses will come alive not to mention your taste buds will explode sipping on a salted caramel iced coffee, or a Jolly Rancher boosted tea. This reporter couldn’t resist the temptation and succumbed to a 16 ounce Banana Split Shake filled with strawberry, pineapple, banana, and chocolate flavorings, all sugar free, and topped with colorful sprinkles.  

They don’t use actual fruit, but you’d never know it. You might be asking yourself by now; how can something that tastes so delicious be good for you and not loaded with calories?  All of the items are packed with vitamins and protein thanks to the Herbal Life Nutritional supplements that Hicks and Lahman use in their creations. 

“Our iced coffees have 100 to 200 calories, teas 50 and shakes less than 250,” explained Hicks. “Your mind gets tricked into thinking that you are actually eating candy or ice cream when in fact it’s healthy ingredients instead.” 

After starting out as a Herbal Life distributor for a couple of years in Dixon, and getting a feel for the business, Hicks wanted to bring it to her hometown and did with the support of the Amboy Chamber of Commerce, friends and family.   

“I definitely felt that our town needed this kind of opportunity,” said Hicks. “There aren’t any coffee shops or competition so that part was easy. We want to make an impact with people’s nutritional goals and overall health.”     

There really isn’t any training in the mixology process, Hicks and Lahman basically come up with ideas by the tried and true taste test method. The ever evolving, creative, and extensive menu, keeps things fresh and exciting for both the owner’s and customers.   

“One time we tried developing a shake and made it 15 times until we got it right,” Hicks chuckled as she recalled. “We know what flavors taste good together now, so we’ve got it down.” 

Lahman has that enthusiastic charm and takes on that ‘Mad Professor’ look of concentration as he mixes the concoctions behind the bar which isn’t lost on regular customer Wendy Legner. “He’s always is so friendly and does a nice job every time I come in,” said Legner.  “My favorite is the strawberry kiwi Green Lantern. It has such a good flavor, it’s gives me energy and keeps me going all day.” 

Due to strong faith and a commitment to the community, Hicks and Lehman have built a successful venture in a short period of time and hope to continue to build on that for the future. 

“We have a lot of kids that come in here on their own,” said Lahman. “We’ve established a trusted and safe place for everyone and our goal is that we want them to feel happier leaving than when they came in.” 

Revolution Wellness is located at 205 E. Main St., in downtown Amboy. Hours are Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. – 4 p.m., Saturdays, 7 a.m. – noon, and closed on Sundays.