Before and after the Biden/Trump Presidential Debate

By Brandon LaChance, Editor
Posted 7/2/24

Right now, it is 3:10 p.m. Thursday, June 27...10 minutes less than five hours away from the CNN Presidential Debate between current President Joe Biden, Democrat, and Republican challenger and former President Donald Trump.

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Before and after the Biden/Trump Presidential Debate


Right now, it is 3:10 p.m. Thursday, June 27...10 minutes less than five hours away from the CNN Presidential Debate between current President Joe Biden, Democrat, and Republican challenger and former President Donald Trump.

I cannot lie to you and say I’m always up to date on politics, but I try.

However, it isn’t hard to try to know what’s going on this time around, the 2024 Presidential Election, as there are more story lines than if Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, Jeff Gordon, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Barry Bonds (or if you don’t like him, Ken Griffey Jr., Cal Ripken Jr., Derek Jeter, rotate the name, same effect) were to unretire and once again play their respective sport on the same day, in the same city.

Yeah, this debate will have colossal impact.

We all know Trump’s situation. If you don’t, read a newspaper, watch a TV program (doesn’t even have to be the news), or talk to someone. You can find out quickly.

To help you out, in a nutshell, he was impeached and later found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records. It was the first time a former president was convicted of a crime. Running for president in November’s election, Trump is the second felon to run for office with the first being Eugene Debs, the 1920 Socialist candidate who held his campaign in a jail cell.

Biden, although marketed as a clean-cut, wholesome individual during his candidacy four-years ago, has been portrayed as anything but since being in office.

Why? Follow the money.

Rates of everything, (this isn’t an exaggeration) everything, have risen. Gas rates, mortgage rates, car rates, tax rates, education rates, food rates, labor rates, unemployed rates, water rates, energy rates, and I think you get the picture, but I could keep going.

He is now pictured as a thief or a conman for corporate America.

What will Biden say about Trump’s pending sentencing, which is supposed to take place in July?

What will Trump say about Biden’s economic woes?

There are also the usual issues come election time with abortion, import/export, and immigration.

This will (my opinion, but I don’t see how it won’t) go down as the most viewed presidential debate of all time. Trump and Hillary Clinton’s debate in September 2016 is the most watched with 84.0 million viewers, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan debated in 1980 on 80.6 million TV screens, and Trump and Biden were on TVs in 73.1 million homes in 2020.

And maybe the most entertaining debate of all time? I won’t be surprised if fists are thrown.

I’ll be back to my computer to finish this piece after the debate is over...

It is now 10:10, 10 minutes after the debacle ended.

I say debacle with a smile on my face because although I didn’t learn a single thing of how Biden or Trump would benefit the United States of America for the next four years, it was entertaining.

I yelled, laughed, flipped off, and clapped at the TV. I’d call this an entertaining two hours.

Biden was either half asleep, didn’t take his meds, or switched them out for under the counter instead of over-the-counter drugs. In the beginning, he couldn’t find words, literally, as he babbled. When he found words, he spent most of his minute-allowed time to talk fixing mistakes and grabbing any word he could find to make sense with the one before.

His first three or four attempts to answer a question should be used in a speech class on how not to public speak. I shook my head as I realized this guy, I was laughing at, is our president. Then shook my head again and asked, ‘How is he the best person for the job in the Democratic party?’

Well, the Republican party doesn’t have much to be proud of either, for all of the opposite reasons.

Yes, Trump is a well-spoken man, but he rattled off lie after lie either Biden or media personalities pointed out and showed proof of during, or seconds after, the debate.

Trump did what Trump does, attacked or mercilessly defended himself by throwing every question about his criminal indictments or mistakes when he was president off to belittle and criticize Biden’s tenure.

When he was asked a question, Trump went off on a tangent about Biden’s reply to the previous question or, about four or five times, went at the country’s economy or the abortion issue because they differ opinions. Both continuously called each other ridiculous and had no clue what they were doing or saying.

If this is the case, how are either one of them running for president?

Is this what our country is now, a couple of old men hating on each other, lying to millions of Americans watching all across the country, and not answering any question asked to them with real data about how the future of the United States of America will improve or change?

If not, then what are we doing voting these two clowns as our presidential candidates?

What happened to the war general, or the scholar, or the engineer, or the lawyer, or the well-educated patriot who spent his entire school career and professional career in political science classrooms, debates, and forums?

What happened to candidates who wanted to actually help the country instead of using the presidency to uphold their name and legacy?

It might not happen during the next four years, it usually happens in the aftermath, but we are in trouble. Whether it’s another war, great depression, civil rights battles, life vs liberty instead of life and liberty, education, or economy, we’re all in some trouble in some shape or form.