Amboy's Christmas Walk a hit


Barb Harrison, owner of The Last Alarm, was honored as Business of the Year for all that she does for the city of Amboy. In honor of that title, Harrison was the official tree lighter for this year’s Christmas Walk.

AMBOY — By moving the date and the time of the Christmas Walk, and having near perfect weather, Amboy saw an abundance of people at the annual Christmas Walk on Saturday night.

Christmas Walk Organizers Meghan Schamberger and Gina McCoy decided on an evening event as a way to encourage more participation by businesses and also to provide more of a holiday feel with the Christmas lights on to welcome visitors. Schamberger explained that when the Christmas Walk was held on Sunday afternoon of Thanksgiving weekend, many businesses were not open that day so they did not take part. 

“Thank you to all of the businesses and participants for everything they did,” Schamberger said.

Barb Harrison, owner of The Last Alarm, was named Business of Year for the City of Amboy. Harrison was honored for everything that she does for the city. Because of this honor, Harrison lit the Amboy Christmas Tree during the Christmas Walk.