Your shoes, your path, you’re the one for the journey

By Brandon LaChance, Editor
Posted 2/6/24

Life is weird.

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Your shoes, your path, you’re the one for the journey


Life is weird.

Ever changing from minute to minute, and without a doubt, day to day, week to week, month to month, and so on.

It’s sometimes chill. Sometimes chaotic.

Maybe nice, maybe mean.

Could be fun. Could be boring.

Anxiety goes up, anxiety goes down.

Stress is at a zero, words are said or an action is done, and stress reaches 10.

Add the fact everyone is different – reactions happen in multiple ways and triggers or non-triggers have no flags, alerts, or warning labels – all walks of life are in their shoes, no one else’s, and are on a path which zigs when others zags or turns right when others go left.

We’re not talking about labels, brands, or colors when it comes to shoes, we’re talking about the person connected to the feet in them and all the ingredients included in the making of the individual.

Although we live in a society which tries to tell us what is cool or not to wear, what is cool or not to say, what is cool or not to feel, or how we should think, the person in those shoes has the right to do all of these things the way they want and walk in the direction they choose.

There are speed bumps, in all shapes and sizes whether inanimate or animate.

There are influencers, we either listen to or ignore.

But again, those shoes do the walking, not the shoes next to them, in front, behind, to the left, to the right.

However, sometimes it’s hard to get past the speed bumps, hard to shut out the influencers, and hard to keep moving along the path.

Like shoestrings untie, emotions unwind.

They become unfiltered and no matter how much effort is put toward keeping them in touch, emotions and how they make us feel create an unbeaten path with more obstacles or take us on known trails with bigger, steeper, slicker objectives to get through.

Sometimes we don’t have the information.

We don’t have the means, the resources.

And the only thing we can think of is to give up.

Quit becomes the answer with the thought of not being enough in the foot notes. However, erasing the walkway doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

Maybe it’s a mountain.

Maybe it’s stepping over a rock on a sidewalk.

What could be thought as a mountain to one is the rock to the other and vice versa.

But we all have them and can get past them.

No one puts on their shoes to begin life and never has something come up, an influencer, a speed bump, a doubt, or a stressor.

And all though they’re linked to those key words, everyone’s personal tag line is on their shoes with them being the only one who can see what it is and is also the only one who is going through them.

There are elements which are similar.

Maybe done in different ways, but we all have the opportunity to tighten the shoestrings, we can all keep traveling our given path, we can break, pause, delay, maneuver, but we can stay to the path.

Our shoes are different sizes.

Headed in different directions.

But the one guaranteed, certain element is, we’re all enough to keep going.

I’m not a psychiatrist or a counsellor and I don’t have a doctorate.

But I am someone, like millions of others, who has had his path moved, buried, elevated, sideswiped, demolished, reconstructed and went through the same type of levels with emotions and feelings involved.

When I thought about throwing away my shoes, quitting, I had to think, who’s going to walk where I’m supposed to go?

The answer for all of us is the same, no one, because no one is enough for what YOU’RE supposed to do or be where YOU’RE supposed to be.

Keep tightening your laces.