Region 1 sees decrease in number of vaccines


NORTHERN ILLINOIS — Whiteside County announced that Whiteside County, Region 1 and the entire State is experiencing a significant decrease in the supply of COVID-19 vaccine received for administration in the next few weeks. The majority of doses being distributed this week and next week are intended for 2nd doses. This decrease in vaccine may cause delays or cancellation of some vaccination appointments. 

The Ogle County Health Department addressed the issue on Facebook on Feb. 17 saying they are using all current allocations to complete 2nd doses, and that they are not able to schedule any 1st dose appointments at this time due to a 75% reduction in allocations. This reduction is expected at a minimum for the next three weeks. The weather has caused some delay in the receipt of vaccine as well.

The Ogle County Health Department went on to say, the decrease in vaccine may cause a delay or cancellation of some vaccination appointments and that they will work with those impacted. "Our partners at KSB and Rochelle Community Hospital receive their allocations from the Ogle County Health Department, so they will be impacted as well," the message continued.

They continued that due to the size of phase 1b and the current allocations, they are asking everyone to please be patient at this time, as demand for the vaccine far exceeds doses being received from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The Lee County Health Department posted on Facebook that, "We are receiving a very large volume of calls and messages inquiring about our COVID vaccine list. If you registered, you are on the list. You may have registered weeks ago and not been called yet. Due to the limited supply of vaccine we are currently receiving, the list is moving very slowly. 

"We understand that many of our residents are anxious to receive the vaccine. We are anxious to get it to you. Most people are cordial, but we've seen an increase in the number of unfriendly messages and calls. Please don't take your frustration out on our staff. We've now been working overtime on pandemic response for over a year.
"Being unpleasant only adds to the ongoing stress we are under, and does nothing to increase our allocations of vaccine. We are thrilled with the interest in and demand for vaccine, but we ask for your patience as we continue working through our waiting list as quickly as supply allows. We appreciate the ongoing support we've received from so many of you.