Lee County COVID-19 Update: Oct. 10, 2020


LEE COUNTY — Be-tween Oct. 5 and Oct. 12, the Lee County Health De-partment has reported a total of 68 new cases have been reported and here are the ages that were announced: 4 under the age of 10, 1 under age 12, 3 in his or her teens, 1 in late teens, 12 in his or her 20s, 7 in his or her 30s, 11 in his or her 40s, 12 in his or her 50s, 10 in his or her 60s, and 5 in his or her 70s. One of the cases is an inmate in the Dixon Correctional Center. This brings the total num-ber of cases to 505 as of Oct. 12. Of the 505 cases, 376 have recovered. Currently, there are 4 residents hospi-talized due to COVID-19. The Unified Command Team would like to re-mind our community that COVID-19 remains in our area and continues to be a real threat. Some people who have tested positive have had no symptoms or mild symptoms. Others have felt miserable or even been hos-pitalized. Although there are individuals considered at a higher risk for complications due to COVID-19, some otherwise healthy people have also become very sick. The more the virus spreads & the more cases we have locally, the risk of very ill or hospitalized individuals increases. Please, for yourself and others, follow the state and federal recommendations. It’s easy to remember as the 3 W’s: Wash your hands; Watch your distance; and Wear your mask.