Lady Clippers to host Holiday Tournament Dec. 27-30


AMBOY – The Amboy Lady Clippers will host the Amboy Girls’ Holiday Tournament to be held Dec. 27-30 at Amboy High School.

The tournament is divided into two pools. The Black Pool consists of Mendota, Amboy, Marquette and Serena. The Red Pool includes Hall, Roanoke-Benson, Indian Creek and Somonauk.

Amboy will begin action at 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 27 when its plays Marquette in the new gym. Mendota and Amboy will battle at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 28 in the new gym, and the Lady Clippers will conclude pool play against Serena at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 29 in the new gym.

Team records in pool play will determine the playing schedule for the final day of the tournament on Thursday, Dec. 30.

Four of the schools will also have their freshman-sophomore teams play three games in the tournament. Amboy’s freshman-sophomore girls will play at 3 p.m. each day in the new gym – Dec. 27 against Marquette, Dec. 28 versus Serena and Dec. 29 against Hall.

Amboy Girls’

Holiday Tournament

Monday, Dec. 27

3:00 – (FS) Serena vs. Hall (old gym)

3:00 – (FS) Amboy vs. Marquette (new gym)

4:30 – (V) Serena vs. Mendota (old gym)

4:30 – (V) Hall vs. Roanoke-Benson (new gym)

6:00 – (V) Indian Creek vs. Somonauk (old gym)

6:00 – (V) Amboy vs. Marquette (new gym)

Tuesday, Dec. 28

3:00 – (FS) Marquette vs. Hall (old gym)

3:00 – (FS) Amboy vs. Serena (new gym)

4:30 – (V) Marquette vs. Serena (old gym)

4:30 – (V) Roanoke-Benson vs. Somonauk (new gym)

6:00 – (V) Hall vs. Indian Creek (old gym)

6:00 – (V) Amboy vs. Mendota (new gym)

Wednesday, Dec. 29

3:00 – (FS) Serena vs. Marquette (old gym)

3:00 – (FS) Hall vs. Amboy (new gym)

4:30 – (V) Mendota vs. Marquette (old gym)

4:30 – (V) Somonauk vs. Hall (new gym)

6:00 – (V) Indian Creek vs. Roanoke-Benson (old gym)

6:00 – (V) Amboy vs. Serena (new gym)

Thursday, Dec. 30

3:00 – (V) 7th place game

4:30 – (V) 5th place game

6:00 – (V) 3rd place game

7:30 – (V) Championship game

(all games in new gym)