Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in Lee County April 2, 2020


LEE COUNTY — The Lee County Unified Executive Leadership Team announces a presumptive positive case of COVID-19 in Lee County.  The case is an adult resident in his or her 50s. The patient is isolated at home.  The Lee County Health Department (LCHD) understands that having a case in the county may cause people to be worried, but this is not unexpected news. According to LCHD Administrator Cathy Ferguson-Allen, “We do not want residents to panic.  We do want them to continue being vigilant and following all the recommendations we’ve been putting out the last many weeks.  If residents have not been following recommendations, they are putting our community at risk.  By staying home except for absolute essential travel for supplies, food, medication or to provide essential services for the community, residents can help prevent further spread of this illness; and help protect our vulnerable, high-risk populations”.

LCHD is working collaboratively with many area organizations and partners to keep the community informed, provide the latest recommendations, and provide resources.  We remind residents to please check on your elderly or high-risk friends, family and neighbors to ensure they have what they need; as well as to give them a voice on the other end of the phone to provide a little human interaction. This can be a scary, lonely time for them. We are also working closely with the Illinois Department of Public Health and the CDC to monitor this ongoing situation and quickly identify potential people that may have been exposed to COVID-19.   

We ask the public to take everyday preventive actions recommended to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.  This is a quickly evolving situation.  We expect to identify additional cases in the area due to increased testing that is occurring.  We will continue to keep the community informed as these are identified. 

As always-wash your hands often with soap and water; cover your cough; clean surfaces often; stay home except for nonessential travel and most definitely stay home if sick.  If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are having symptoms, please call your provider for instructions on how to proceed.  Do NOT go to your doctor’s office or the emergency room.  Call first, use KSB Virtual Care accessed through their website, or use KSB’s COVID-19 hotline. 

Employers of essential services-please excuse your employees if they are sick without a doctor’s note.  Consider allowing for paid sick time.  Be understanding of employees who may have young children home to care for due to school closures.  We need our community to come together to weather this storm.  It takes all of us.  Please be a responsible citizen. 

For additional information: 

Go to KSB, LCHD, IDPH, or CDC websites.  Lee County Health Department provides regular updates on its Facebook page.