Charges given for December hit and run


DIXON – The Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the Lee County State’s Attorney’s Office announce the following charges that stem from the investigation of a fatal hit-and-run traffic accident that occurred near the intersection of Sterling Road and Walton Road at approximately 9:29 p.m. on December 4th.  Kristin Kisich, age 42, of Custer Park, Illinois is being charged with the following offenses:

Failure to Report and Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident Involving Death, a Class 1 Felony

Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident Involving Death, a Class 4 Felony

From the investigation, 40-year-old Patrick J. Yocum from Rock Falls was walking near the area and was struck by a vehicle.  Yocum was located by a passerby in the middle of the roadway.  He was transported to KSB Hospital by the Amboy Fire Department and was later pronounced deceased.  Evidence left at the scene revealed that the offending vehicle had significant front-end damage to the grill, hood, and windshield of the vehicle.  The offending vehicle was identified as a Jeep Cherokee with the model years being from 2014 to 2018.  A media release with the offending vehicle information was disseminated the following day on December 5th. 

Over the afternoon of December 5th, Ms. Kisich contacted the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and reported that she may be responsible for the incident.  Her vehicle, a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, was located at a residence in Dixon.  It was subsequently impounded as part of the investigation.  Detectives interviewed Ms. Kisich and obtained a statement.  Further investigation was conducted that culminated in the charges listed.