AHS girls to open season in Oregon Tournament


OREGON – The Amboy Lady Clippers will kick off the new basketball season in the Oregon Thanksgiving Tournament set for Nov. 15-18. The tournament will include varsity and freshman-sophomore teams.

The 12-team tournament is divided into four pools, with pool play being held the first three days of the tournament. Saturday’s action will be determined by how the teams finish in their respective

pools. AHS is in Pool A along with Lena-Winslow, Prophetstown varsity and Rockford Christian freshman-sophomore.

The tournament schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, Nov. 15

(5:45 p.m. games)

(V) Amboy vs. Lena-Winslow (BC Wood)

(V) Hall vs. Genoa-Kingston (OHS)

(FS) Oregon vs. Fulton (BC Middle)

(FS) AFC vs. Kewanee (BC South)

(7:15 p.m. games)

(FS) Amboy vs. Lena-Winslow (BC Middle)

(FS) Hall vs Genoa-Kingston (BC South)

(V) Oregon vs. Fulton (BC Wood)

(V) AFC vs. Kewanee (OHS)

Thursday, Nov. 16

(5:45 p.m. games)

(V) Lena-Winslow vs. Prophetstown (BC Wood)

(V) Genoa-Kingston vs. Milledgeville (OHS)

(FS) Oregon vs. West Carroll (BC Middle)

(FS) Kewanee vs. Mendota (BC South)

(7:15 p.m. games)

(FS) Lena-Winslow vs. Rockford Christian (BC Middle)

(FS) Genoa-Kingston vs. Milledgeville (BC South)

(V) Oregon vs. West Carroll (BC Wood)

(V) Kewanee vs. Mendota (OHS)

Friday, Nov. 17

(5:45 p.m. games)

(V) Mendota vs. AFC (BC Wood)

(V) West Carroll vs. Fulton (OHS)

(FS) Rockford Christian vs. Amboy (BC Middle)

(FS) Milledgeville vs. Hall (BC South)

(7:15 p.m. games)

(FS) West Carroll vs. Fulton (BC Middle)

(FS) Mendota vs. AFC (BC South)

(V) Milledgeville vs. Hall (BC Wood)

(V) Prophetstown vs. Amboy (OHS)

Saturday, Nov. 18

(11 a.m. games)

S1 – (V) Pool C 3rd vs. Pool D 3rd (BC Wood)

S2 – (V) Pool A 3rd vs. Pool B 3rd (OHS)

S3 – (FS) Pool A 3rd vs. Pool B 3rd (BC Middle)

S4 – (FS) Pool C 3rd vs. Pool D 3rd (BC South)

(12:30 p.m. games)

S5 – (V) Pool C 2nd vs. Pool D 2nd (BC Wood)

S6 – (V) Pool A 2nd vs. Pool B 2nd (OHS)

S7 – (FS) Pool A 2nd vs. Pool B 2nd (BC Middle)

S8 - (FS) Pool C 2nd vs. Pool D 2nd (BC South)

(2 p.m. games)

S9 – (V) Pool C 1st vs. Pool D 1st (BC Wood)

S10 – (V) Pool A 1st vs. Pool B 1st (OHS)

S11 – (FS) Pool A 1st vs. Pool B 1st (BC Middle)

S12 – (FS) Pool C 1st vs. Pool D 1st (BC South)

(4 p.m. games)

9th place – (V) Winner S1 vs. Winner S2 (BC Wood)

11th place – (V) Loser S1 vs. Loser S2 (OHS)

9th place – (FS) Winner S3 vs. Winner S4 (BC Middle)

11th place – (FS) Loser S3 vs. Loser S4 (BC South)

(5:30 p.m. games)

5th place – (V) Winner S5 vs. Winner S6 (BC Wood)

7th place – (V) Loser S5 vs. Loser S6 (OHS)

5th place – (FS) Winner S7 vs. Winner S8 (BC Middle)

7th place – (FS) Loser S7 vs. Loser S8 (BC South)

(7 p.m. games)

1st place – (V) Winner S9 vs. Winner S10 (BC Wood)

3rd place – (V) Loser S9 vs. Loser S10 (OHS)

1st place – (FS) Winner S11 vs. Winner S12 (BC Middle)

3rd place – (FS) Loser S11 vs. Loser S12 (BC South)

BC = Blackhawk Center • OHS = Oregon High School