Voters say no to bond issue


AMBOY – They say that every vote counts.

And when only 27.62 percent of Lee County voted in the primary election on Tuesday night, every vote really did count.

The residents of the Amboy School District voted against the bond proposal to build onto the Amboy High School for a new junior high school.

A total of 1,478 votes were cast on the issue, with 769 people voting no and 716 people voting yes.

“I am still reflecting on this, but I know that this decision is bigger than the Amboy school district, it's about the whole community. It's larger than the 1,478 people who went to the polls to vote,” Amboy School District Superintendent Jeff Thake said. “We will reconvene and determine how to best move forward. This is still an unofficial count, the final results won't be announced for 30 days. We will wait it out to the extent we need to. We want to make sure we know what the community thinks before we move forward. Our next board meeting is this Thursday, March 22 and there may be more discussion at that time.”

Thake commended all of the hardwork that was put into the bond issue.

“I can't speak highly enough about all the parents, teachers, community members and board members who devoted so much time and energy to this process,” Thake said.

In the race for Lee County Board District 1 on the Republican ballot, the top three vote getters were Marilyn Shippert with 764 votes, Jim Schielein with 583 votes and Christopher Norberg received 515 votes. Richard Humphrey, Jr. received 496 votes and Don Riva received 301 votes. There wasn’t any candidates running on the Democrat ballot for Lee County Board District 1.

In the race for Lee County Treasurer on the Republican ballot, Paula Meyer won the vote 2,629 against her opponent Melissa Lawrence with 1,205 votes. There wasn’t any candidates running on the Democrat ballot for Lee County Treasurer.

On the Republican ballot for the State of Illinois Governor position, Lee County voters elected incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner over Jeanne Ives by a vote of 1,943-1,841. On the Democrat side, Lee County voters selected JB Pritzker as their choice for governor with 1111 votes. Challenger Daniel Biss received 366 votes while Chris Kennedy received 346 votes.

Incumbent Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger won the Lee County vote over opponent James Marter, 2,676 to 1,079 votes. Lee County Democrats voted for Sara Doty to face Kinzinger in November. Doty won the county with 677 votes. Neill Mohammad received 489 votes, Amy Briel received 384 votes and Beth Vercolio-Osmund received 186 votes.

For Illinois Attorney General on the Democrat side, Lee County voters elected Pat Quinn with 53.3 percent of the vote over his seven other opponents. While on the Republican side, Lee County voters elected Erika Harold with 1,803 votes beating her opponent Gary Grasso who received 1,514 votes.