Sublette Park sees improvements


SUBLETTE — The Sublette Park continues to see improvements even during the winter months.

Sublette Village Board President Michael Vaessen told the Sublette Village Board during its monthly meeting on Monday night, that Doug McLaughlin donated his time to the village and ground out the stumps from the old trees in the park and the mini park. Vaessen added that the piles were burnt before Christmas and they were able to fill in some of the holes and got some of the mulch spread. He said he hoped to get the piles scooped up when the weather got better.

Vaessen also told the board that two additional trees were planted in the park. He added that come spring, the village will get someone to come in with a lawn sweeper and sweep up the sticks.

Street sweeper sold

The village board accepted an offer of $1,500 from Vaessen to purchase the village’s street sweeper. Vaessen told the board before the vote that he had received a call from someone interested in the sweeper. He said that the caller had seen in the paper where the village wanted to sell it. Vaessen added that the caller wasn’t prepared to put an offer in at the time of the call and that he hadn’t heard back from the caller.

Inoperable vehicles

Vaessen told the board that a notice was sent along with the water bills about how it is against the village code to have inoperable vehicles on ones property. Several of the village trustees said they had just gotten the water bill in the mail that day. Vaessen said he would wait a little bit and then stop by and see the residents in person who were violating the code.

In other board news:

The village board approved the purchase of eight new American flags at a total of $152 plus freight. The new American flags are for the downtown area. Vaessen said the flags are supposed to last one year in the elements.

The next Village of Sublette board meeting will be held at 7 p.m., on Monday, Feb. 12.