Stewart wins National tractor pulling title


AMBOY — Participating in tractor pulls has been a part of Jacob Stewart’s life since he was a teenager and began competing with his dad. 

He recently won the title of National Quarter Scale Garden Tractor Pulling Series Superstock Points Champion for 2018, his first national title. This is an indoor circuit and competitions are held throughout the season in Tennessee, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Kentucky. He is also part of the Rock County Pullers and the Mississippi Valley Garden Tractor Pullers and competes most weekends throughout the summer.

In the indoor circuit there are 250-300 pullers that compete in five classes over the two-day event.

Stewart’s dad retired a few years ago from competition but continues to be involved in the sport. Stewart’s 13-year-old nephew has also started to compete.

Stewart’s tractor is an older model Cub Cadet that has been rebuilt and modified. 

He enjoys competing and has made a lot of friends from all over the United States through competing. 

He has met guys from New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio and more.

His teammate, Dave Knapp, has been working with him for 10 years or more. They met during a local meet and became good friends.

Stewart and his wife enjoy the competition and look forward to the upcoming season, which starts in February. 

 Stewart is employed as a wind turbine technician in his everyday life.