Members wanted for Amboy Civic Organization


AMBOY — The Amboy Civic Organization (ACO) has been formed to support community projects, mainly the Pankhurst Memorial Library, New members are invited to attend.

Quite often when someone is asked to join, they say, “I’m too busy.” Great - that’s a prerequisite for membership, as busy, active, involved people will fit right in with our group.

“It’s for women.”  Not really. The library, reading and learning are for everyone. P.S. we do have male members.

“I don’t live in Amboy.”  If you care about the library you can live anywhere and your support will be welcome.

“I don’t know anyone in the group.” That’s a perfect reason to join.

“I hate clubs.” You need not participate except with your membership.

“They only want my money.” Wrong, but it will be most welcome.

“I can’t be active.”  Fine. Support the library with your membership, and if you can join us at any time that will be great.  You will not be badgered to participate at any time.

“I wasn’t asked.”  If you are reading this, you are being asked.

The meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at Maria’s at 6 p.m. every month except December and June when a special outing is planned, and in July and August when the group takes break for the summer. 

Membership is $10 for a single and $15 for a couple. Dues may be sent to Carol Schnaiter at 314 N. Jefferson in Amboy.

Show your support.  You’ll be happy you did.