Lee County Sheriff warns of social security scams


LEE COUNTY — Lee County Sheriff John Simonton would like to warn the citizens of Lee County of a phone scam that claims an individual’s social security number has been used fraudulently and will be suspended. 

The scam is “spoofing” phone numbers to appear that it is coming from a local phone number when in fact, it is not. In some cases, the call has appeared to be coming from the courthouse.  

Lee County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens that a social security number is not suspended. 

Social security numbers are not closed and re-issued as bank account or credit account numbers often are. Once issued, a social security number is your number for life. 

If you receive a similar call, do not respond. It is a scam. Hang up the phone and/or report the incident to Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 815/284-6631 and/or Federal Trade Commission at www.ftc.gov.