Lee Center Church hosts annual Easter Egg Hunt


LEE CENTER — Approximately 40 children and their parents participated in the First Congregational United Church of Christ of Lee Center annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday afternoon. A great time was had by all on a beautiful windy day.

All children registered for a chance to win a large, fun filled tote bag. After the egg hunt, a drawing was held and the winners are listed below. The church had a second drawing for a carrot shaped candy bag donated by the Amboy Lions Club and a candy bag from the church.

Tote winners were: Ivy Near, age 2; Mallori Smith, age 3; Bryden Near, age 5; Harley Powers, age 8; Dayton Raines, age 10; Devynn Phelps, age 8; Jace McCallister, age 10; Rylan McNinch, age 9; Amylia Bump, age 8; Lahelah Cunningham, age 8 ½; Alex Kaecker, age 7; and Chase Near, age 10.

Candy winners were: Ayden Koehler, age 2; Guy Cooksey, age 10; Nadia Near, age 10; Jaiden Phelps, age 5; Carten Phelps, age 8; Eme Miller, age 5; Grayson Cooksey, age 1; Allisa Buckley, age 4; Evelyn Bumo, age 4; Taylor Near, age 2; Natalee Helquist, age 3; Landon Near, age 8; and Kaylie Koehler, age 8.

The remaining participants were: Tristan Cooksey, age 8; Sarah Buckley, age 6; Selby Armstrong, age 8; Evelyn Buckley, age 3; Addison Bump, age 6; Katie Kaecker, age 8; Taylyr McNitch, age 4; Jordan Cooksey, age 12; Dani Kaecker, age 7; Naalee VanNatta, age 9; Savanna Helquist, age 1; Jaylynn Anderson, age 10; Mya Near, age 5; Autumn Cooksey, age 12; and Caiddie Phelps, age 5.