Groundbreaking marks the start of Amboy Junior High construction


AMBOY - The journey to build a new junior high in Amboy was a long and often difficult one. With construction finally set to begin on the new junior high, a groundbreaking ceremony was held on July 16 to celebrate this effort.

Amboy Superintendent Joshua Nichols was joined by current board members, Nicole Jones, Carol Schnaiter, Katie Pratt, Jason Leffelman, Elsa Payne, Nichole Stenzel and Rory White, along with representatives of the CTS management/design team in welcoming community members to the event.

Nichols thanked the board not only for starting the process of a building a new junior high, but also for “having the courage” to pursue the project even after the first referendum failed. “You may not realize it, but there were a lot of hard conversations and a lot of effort that went into this,” he said of the multi-year process. “The people on the Kids 272 Committee, everybody who helped with the referendum, the Building Committee, thank you.”

Nichols also recalled the many hours that people donated in explaining the need for a new school and all of the tours that were given to show the problems at the old junior high building. “Just making this vision happen was a lot to accomplish - and it’s for the kids,” he noted. “It will benefit the community in the long run but the kids will be in a truly modern building benefiting from education. There’s a lot that went into this and I appreciate everybody’s help here.”

Speaking on behalf of CTS, Michele James thanked the Amboy School District and the community for all the work they put in to get this project off the ground. “CTS is very excited about partnering with the school district once again,” she said. “We started our relationship with the district 10 years ago and in the past decade we’ve been a part of improvements in every school building in the district. With the work we’ve done over the last 10 years, we feel very connected to Amboy’s staff and the community and because of that, we’re very invested in making sure this is a very successful project.”

James said her team has worked very closely with school staff and the community in designing a facility they believe will continue to provide the needs of the community efficiently and effectively for many years to come. “We’re very excited about that. Thank you so much."