Businesses, residents attend Chamber gathering


AMBOY — Local businesses owners, employees and Amboy residents gathered at the Amboy Community Center last Thursday night to have a conversation about the Amboy Chamber of Commerce. The event kicked off with a social hour at 5:30 p.m. Attendees were able to interact with other local business owners and residents of the city. About 60-70 people were in attendance.

“We really need a strong chamber here in town,” Amboy Mayor John Schamberger said when addressing the crowd. “What we need is what you see around everyone right now. We’re all here and we’re talking. We’re socializing.”

Schamberger said the city council is focused on improving downtown Amboy and drawing people into town. A microphone was passed around the room as everyone introduced themselves and said what business they represented or if they were in attendance as a citizen. On each of the tables was a sign-up sheet for people who were possibly interested in joining the chamber of commerce.

There was also a sign-up sheet for those interested in helping out at the upcoming Amboy Christmas Walk.

“I’m overwhelmed with the turnout,” Schamberger said. “Next time, bring a friend.”