Amboy Depot Museum to host Christmas Wreath Auction


AMBOY — The Amboy Depot Commission has started an annual Silent Auction Wreath fundraiser that will coincide with Amboy’s Christmas Walk and Depot’s Mistletoe Junction Activities.  This is the second year of the annual fundraiser. A total of 37 businesses and organizations took part in this year’s wreath auction.

The funds raised from the wreath auction will be dedicated to the upkeep of the building and grounds of Amboy’s historic landmark.  

Local businesses and organizations will be decorating a real evergreen wreath and showcasing them in their business with an ongoing silent auction sheet through Saturday, Dec. 14.  

On Dec. 14 from 2-6 p.m., these wreaths will be moved to the Amboy Depot Museum grounds for viewing during the annual Christmas Walk for last minute bidding. Last name on the sheet will be called to pick up and pay for wreath.

Winners can use cash, check or credit card to pay for the wreath.    

Everyone is encouraged to visit and support these local businesses and organizations and make a bid on their wreath. 

Some businesses are even allowing bidding on Facebook - please check with the business before bidding online. 

Wreaths not pictured include: First Federal Savings Bank, Amboy Central School, Amboy Depot Museum, Amboy High School, Amboy Thrift Store, American Legion Auxiliary, Bear’s Den, Casey’s General Store, Depot Tap, Dimond Bros Insurance, Johnson Tractor, Lee County Tourism, Leffelman & Associates, Long Branch, Maria’s Pizza, Pankhurst Memorial Library, Shell Express, and Starlight Dance Studio