Sublette native reading her children’s book at the Pankhurst Memorial Library


AMBOY – Andrea LeFevre (Lauer) had made a career change. 

The change brought her home to be with the two children she and her husband Andrew have, Bryar (3), and Boone (1 ½), on a full-time basis.

Her sons showed her quickly what they wanted to be one of her main duties.

“My children are the reason I wrote this book. I had just become a stay at home mom, and of course, they made me read them a lot of books,” said LeFevre, who was born and raised in Sublette, graduated from Amboy High School in 2010, and currently lives with her family in Ashton. “As a farm mom, all I had was farm books to read to them. This one book, which is Bryar’s favorite, he picked over and over again. I feel like I read it a billion times in the first month of being a stay-at-home mom. It kind of ticked me off the more that I read it. It didn’t portray farming in the true sense.

“I’m not trying to be mean or take away from the fact that guys do farm, the book just didn’t portray it in today’s world. The book went like this: farm dad took farm kids out to feed the cows, slop the pigs, and gather the eggs. The kids go to school while the dad plows the field. When the kids come home from school, they get to do fun stuff like ride the ponies or drive the UTV around. 

“On the very last page, it finally talked about the mom. It was like, ‘Thank you mom for frying us chicken.’ It just got at me. I wanted to write a book that showed that women do more on the farm. We are kind of the glue that holds the family and the farm together.”

LeFevre is going to meet and greet, present and read “A Day on the Farm with Mama – Harvest Edition” at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 18 at the Pankhurst Memorial Library in Amboy.  

LeFevre wrote the book, while her former co-worker at Woodhaven Lakes in Sublette, Elayne Holloway, drew the illustrations for the children’s book. It was published on Black Friday Weekend during the 2022 harvest season.

The first-time author has read her story at the Winifred Knox Memorial Library in Franklin Grove. Now, LeFevre wants to read to children at the Amboy library because that’s the library she grew up in.

“I didn’t know I was going to be doing any of this. My interest sparked and I just went with it. So far, everyone has supported me very well,” LeFevre said. “I’m going to just keep rolling with it and see where it takes me.”

Emily Goff, the Amboy library’s director, is happy to have LeFevre.

In fact, the library hopes it’s a success so LeFevre and other local authors can make something like Feb. 18’s event more frequent rather than a first-time or one-time occurrence.

“She contacted us, and she said she was a local author and that she wanted to have a meet and greet with us,” Goff said. “This will be the first time we’ve had a local author come to our library and read their book. It’s very cool. We’re very excited to have her. We usually do school-aged craft events, but this is something different and we’re excited.

“We would most definitely have other local authors come to the library. We’ve had other local authors send us their book, but this is the first time that someone is coming for a meet and greet. I think Andrea LeFevre will be a good draw because she is from here, wrote a children’s book, and is going to read to children.”