St. Patrick’s Catholic Church is 86-percent through $308,000 goal


AMBOY – The “Save the Steeple” fundraising is paying dividends for St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Amboy.

The parish has held many events asking the community to help with a $308,000 expense to fix the roof.

Through residents of Amboy and neighboring communities as well as people who are originally from the area but now live elsewhere, St. Patrick’s has reached 86 percent of its goal as $266,963 has been raised.  

“They dropped off all of the supplies on Monday, Oct. 2 to do our roof,” said Beverly Halsey, the secretary at St. Patrick’s. “Right now, we just have piles of items, but it’s exciting that we’re close to having the roof fixed and we’re finally seeing results from the fundraising.”

Save the Steeple continues with fundraising during Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio football game concession stands at the last home game of the regular season on Oct. 20 and during the first playoff game on Oct. 25.

The last game St. Patrick’s fundraised during a Clipper game, over $2,500 was raised.

Long Branch Saloon and St. Patrick’s have partnered for a chicken dinner fundraiser from 3-8 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 22.

Tickets are $12 for a meal with three options, ¼ dark chicken, ¼ light chicken, or chicken strips. Each option includes French fries. The tickets can be bought at the parish’s office, from a parishioner, or at the Long Branch Saloon. 

Once the ticket is purchased, please call 815-564-8395, 815-499-0842, or 815-857-3486 between Noon and 7 p.m. to order chicken.

Similar to the Countdown to Easter Raffle St. Patrick’s had in the spring, the Countdown to Christmas Raffle will offer a winner six days a week from Dec. 3-Jan. 1.

The raffle tickets cost $25 each with weekday drawings rewarding $25, Sunday drawings are $100, the Christmas drawing is $5,000, and the New Year’s drawing is $500.

“We put so much time and money into the interior of the parish, we don’t want to see it get ruined because of the roof,” Halsey said. “It was an immediate problem. The fundraising has been amazing. People from all over our community are helping us repair the church.

“I think the whole community has had fun with our fundraisers. There are different people involved in each fundraiser. They all come together and enjoy the activities provided in the fundraising.”