Save Our Steeple reaches 60 percent of goal


AMBOY – Last summer St. Patrick Catholic Church in Amboy began its “Save Our Steeple” fundraising to fix the building’s crumbling steeples and leaking roof.

After bids were placed to figure out the cost, Father Gow and St. Patrick set a goal of $319,000.

As of 9 a.m. Monday, March 27, over 60 percent of the goal has been raised.

“We’re over 60 percent toward our goal. The goal for ‘Save Our Steeple’ was $319,000 and our donations are at $194,858,” said Beverly Halsey, the secretary at St. Patrick. “It goes up every week. Every week we are receiving at least $1,000 in donations.

“There have been five deaths in our community recently and they made their memorial toward our parish. It’s a wonderful way to memorialize somebody.”

After the decision was made to replace the steeples and the roof and it became aware fundraising would be needed, the parish held a Bike-and-Hike-Athon and held a cookie fundraiser.

Different fundraisers have been scheduled, others are in the development stage, and donations have come from anyone and everywhere.

“This has been a real eye opener to how many people love our church,” Halsey said. “A lot of the donations coming in the mail are coming from people who haven’t lived here in over 20 years. But they went to church and school at St. Patrick. The parish has been here since 1849.

“They care. It means a lot to people all over the place; not just in this community. I think the care comes from a historical standpoint just as much as a religious standpoint. When someone comes into Amboy, you can see the church no matter what direction you come in.

“They see the steeple.”

There are three fundraisers that are either currently in motion or are happening in April.

Countdown to Easter Raffle

Tickets for the raffle began in January. Before the first winning raffle ticket was selected on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 22, the $8,000 the parish had to bring in to cover the raffle give aways was made, as it has brought in approximately $10,000.

The drawings are still happening every Monday-Thursday ($25 each), on Sundays ($100), Easter Sunday (grand prize of $5,000), and the Easter Octave days of April 10 and April 16 ($100). Tickets are available at St. Patrick Catholic Church for the 15 remaining drawings from March 29 until April 16.

Long Branch chicken

On April 16, Long Branch in Amboy will be serving ¼ dark chicken, ¼ light chicken or chicken strips in part of “Save Our Steeple.” The chicken tickets cost $12 with $4 of each order going toward St. Patrick. The tickets are available at St. Patrick Church or at Long Branch.  Dine in, carry out, or delivery in Amboy is available once you call 815-564-8395, 815-499-0842, or 815-857-3486 between noon and 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 16

Prep Freeze Cook

Prepackaged meals from Prep Freeze Cook are available to help save the steeple and the roof. Prep Freeze Cook, which prepares the meals locally in central Illinois and uses fresh ingredients, offers 10 meals which serve five people for $182 and 10 meals which serves two people for $91.

St. Patrick will receive 20 percent of all sales from the meal pickup from 4:15-5:15 p.m. on Wednesday, April 26 at St. Patrick Catholic Church located at 32 N. Jones St. in Amboy.

The meal orders, forms available at the parish, will need to be turned in by April 10.