Playing with the Queen of Hearts


AMBOY – The Last Alarm finished its third Queen of Hearts game on Oct. 4 when No. 23 was drawn.

It wasn’t Michael Jordan’s number this time as Amboy resident Judy King owned the number and won 40 percent, since she wasn’t present, of the $62,550 jackpot.

King was cut a check for $25,020.

“It’s a gamble. They have a chance to win some money. There is great comradery as there is a lot of people coming into the bar to buy tickets throughout the week,” said Barb Harrison, owner of The Last Alarm. “As the jackpot grows, Wednesday nights get busier at the bar. Which is good for me because the bar sales is the only income for me during the game. I can’t take any money from the actual game itself.

“The only incentive for me is a good crowd for bar business. It’s a very fun atmosphere at the bar on Wednesdays.”

The Last Alarm’s Queen of Hearts also gives 40 percent of the jackpot to a non-profit organization.

This game’s winner was the Amboy Fire Department, which was also awarded $25,020.

Teen Turf was the non-profit organization connected to the first game and the Amboy Lion’s Club was the second recipient.

“It’s awesome to give a large chunk of money to a non-profit organization,” Harrison said. “It’s cool for an individual to win some money and do some fun things with. I love doing it; it’s a good time.”

The remaining 20 percent of the jackpot, $12,510, goes back into the next game starting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11. The Buddy Bags Program ran by the Immanuel Lutheran Church will be the benefiting non-profit organization this time around. 

If King would have been present, she would have won 50 percent of the jackpot, and the new game would start with 10 percent.