Mayor introduces new police officer recruit


AMBOY — The Amboy City Council met in regular session on April 17 and after taking care of the previous monthly business which includes the minutes, bills, and Treasurer’s Report, Third Ward Alderman, and a member of the Depot Commission, Dave Shaw shared that 14 high school students recently came to assist in the cleanup in and around the Depot and Museum. He thanked them for their help.

Amboy Mayor John Schamberger stated that dumpsters will be set up at the city shop maintenance building, located at 202 W. Main Street from May 11 through the 15 for residents to dispose of their yard garbage and other large waste items. This is provided free of charge by the city. Schamberger encouraged everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Schamberger also introduced a new feature that will be added to the agenda moving forward at meetings which is Grant Opportunities and Discussion. He is currently working on an EV (Electric Vehicle) grant along with monies to help pay for a back-up generator for the Community Center in the event of power outages. During the recent storms there were residents who lost power for an extended period of time. The Center can provide wi-fi, and cook meals if necessary. 

The initial cost estimates are somewhere near $45,000 for a large 60kw generator. Second Ward Alderman Brandon Klein spoke about a grant through the Illinois Safe Route Program for schools. Klein would like to see 200 yards of sidewalks created east of the schools between Bacon, Hawley and Metcalf near IL Route 52. Often, students are walking on the roads due to the ditches being flooded. More research and discussion will be forthcoming. The city is also in discussions to bring in professional grant writer Greg Gates from Dixon. They hope to use his services and introduce him at a future meeting. 

Shaw stated that the fire hydrants have been recently flushed with no problems. The Biogas project with Amereso is in their hands and it was reported by Second Ward Alderman Frank Stenzel that Amereso is in the stages of buying the land.  Klein and city attorney Matt Keegan discussed and reviewed the city windmill ordinance. Keegan said three things need to happen moving forward which is establishing an exclusion zone, areas permitted, and fees charged. Klein said that he doesn’t want to see them “200 yards of the city.” Currently, a mile to a mile and a half would be acceptable. 

Amboy resident Cindy Phillips is taking over for Rob Loomis for booking the music entertainment on Saturday nights at the bandstand. She spoke briefly and asked for input and suggestions to draw more people to the shows. 

Schamberger moved to introduce the city’s new full-time Police Officer. Amanda Phelps is from Texas and has a background in corrections. She said that “she is happy to be here.” She will enroll at the Sauk Valley College Police Academy for a 14 week training paid for by the city. 

Under “New Business” the council approved Willett Hoffman to advertise street bids for Commercial/ Nauman/ Morgan/ and Sensient. Approvals were also done for summer employment for mowing, Depot workers, along with the appointment of Gary Mason to the Depot Commission. Building Inspector Don Clayton reported two new roof and one house permit. The 2023-2024 budget was ratified.