Lady Clippers to host Holiday Basketball Tournament


AMBOY – The Amboy Lady Clippers will host the Amboy Girls’ Holiday Basketball Tournament to be held Dec. 27-30.

There are two pools of varsity teams. Mendota, Newman and Somonauk will comprise the Red Pool, while Amboy, Roanoke-Benson, Hall and Serena will be in the Black Pool. There will also be freshman-sophomore games with Amboy, Newman, Hall and Serena making up those teams.

Amboy will begin the tournament on Tuesday, Dec. 27 when it plays Hall at 6 p.m. The Lady Clippers will return to action on Wednesday, Dec. 28 when they battle Roanoke-Benson at 6 p.m., and they will conclude pool play at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 29 against Serena. Depending on how Amboy does in its pool play games will determine when it plays on the final day of the tournament on Friday, Dec. 30.

Amboy Girls’ Holiday Tournament

Tuesday, Dec. 27

3:00 – Newman vs. Hall (FS) [old gym]

3:00 – Amboy vs. Serena (FS) [new gym]

4:30 – Mendota vs. Somonauk [old gym]

4:30 – Roanoke-Benson vs. Serena [new gym]

6:00 – Amboy vs. Hall [new gym]

Wednesday, Dec. 28

3:00 – Newman vs. Serena (FS) [old gym]

3:00 – Amboy vs. Hall (FS) [new gym]

4:30 – Mendota vs. Newman [old gym]

4:30 – Hall vs. Serena [new gym]

6:00 – Amboy vs. Roanoke-Benson [new gym]

Thursday, Dec. 29

3:00 – Amboy vs. Newman (FS) [new gym]

3:00 – Hall vs. Serena (FS) [old gym]

4:30 – Newman vs. Somonauk [new gym]

4:30 – Roanoke-Benson vs. Hall [old gym]

6:00 – Amboy vs. Serena [new gym]

Friday, Dec. 30

3:00 – Red #3 vs. Black #3 [new gym]

4:30 – Red #2 vs. Black #2 [new gym]

6:00 – Red #1 vs Black #1 [new gym]