Klaser, Belan, Hanson sworn in as Sublette Village Trustees


SUBLETTE — Election Day has come and gone, but it didn’t change an awful lot in terms of trustees on the Sublette Village Board.

At the end of the year board meeting on Thursday, April 27, Richard Klaser and incumbents MacKenzie Belan and Scott Hanson were sworn in for their 4-year terms as Sublette Village Trustees.

“They already know the ropes. Richard was previously on the board for at least four years and maybe even eight years,” said Sublette Village Board President John Stenzel. “They’re all seasoned trustees. I don’t know if it happens very often when board members are on, leave, and then come back, but I also did it. It does happen on occasion.

“There wasn’t a lot of shake up after this election.”

Sublette Village Trustee Jeff Myer did not receive enough votes to be re-elected to the board and was given respect for being on the board during his tenure at the meeting, although he wasn’t in attendance.

“Myer was real familiar with construction because he worked in the industry for many years,” Strenzel said. “He mainly did road construction. He had knowledge and experience that helped the board. He also had his own business, so he knew about everything owning a business includes.

“He understood for a contractor mobilization is a big thing. For them to come look at things or start working on a project, it costs. You try to get as much work out of a contractor as you can when they mobilize.”

Stenzel added Myer knew about permits and insurance needed for Sublette projects and how to go about acquiring representation.

NCICG approved for paperwork

The Sublette Board approved North Central Illinois Council of Governments (NCICG) to complete the paperwork for a $25,000 grant. 

The village will initially give NCICG $500 (which is returnable if the grant doesn’t go through) and $2,000 to complete the paperwork.

“We are paying $2,500 to receive $25,000,” Stenzel said. “The grant is going to be used on infrastructure improvement for the project we’ve been working on around the fire station. We’re going to replace storm sewer and some of the water main. 

“The grant will help, but we don’t know what the full cost is going to be. Fixing this issue is huge and we need to get it done because you have to get it done before you can redo the road.”