Amboy Depot Days 2023 - The tumbler chose…Angela Bowman


AMBOY – One of largest 50/50 raffles in northern Illinois was drawn at Amboy’s Depot Days on Sunday, Aug 28.

The winner was Angela Bowman, a Sublette resident, who was handed a check of $124,959.50 by first-year 50/50 Chairperson Sandy Wittenauer.  

“Angela lives in Sublette and she had to make it through the cars leaving the car show. There was a traffic jam as she was going against traffic,” Wittenauer said. “She said, ‘I just want to get there.’ It took her twice as long, but she got here. She was smiling and shaking. She was very much in need of a blessing; something to help her. That in itself was amazing.

“We could all use a little extra surprise check here or there, but she is a kind and generous person. I didn’t know her before Sunday, but I got the feeling that this is going to turn her life around.

“You can write the dollar amount on the check, but there still isn’t a name until you get up on the stage and you hold that little stub. That process was pretty exciting. To call that name out and verify who it is – so there is a little pause before you celebrate – hand it to them, and then they get to go home with that big check, it’s exciting.”

There were also four $2,500 winners as Ron Panera from Dixon, Jennifer Lally from Woosung, Matt Hilliker from Byron, and Robert Young from Rock Falls were rewarded on Sunday.

“It was a mad rush on Sunday. It was like you were giving it away,” Wittenauer said. “People came to the window and asked for tickets because they knew it was their last chance to get in on it. 

“I can’t thank the volunteers enough. They were selling tickets; I was just in the background. It takes a village. It sounds so simple to say it takes a village, but it really does. I’m still smiling. Volunteering is very rewarding.

“We need more volunteers. I can’t stress that enough. If you can do a two-hour shift in any of the trailers, you’re going to be more than welcomed. If you want to park cars or pass out flyers, we have a job for you.”