Always unpredictable Amboy Fall Play


AMBOYYou can always count on Amboy High School to perform a weird, whacky, and not your typical stage play.

This year is no different with “I Only Have Fangs For You” by Craig Sodaro, which will run at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 10 and Saturday, Nov. 11, and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 12 at the Amboy High School Auditorium with $5 tickets available at the door.
  Mr. Avery Kerley, the Amboy Junior High band, choir director, and assistant play director found this hidden gem.

“We liked that it was a little spooky and we thought that it would be fun for the students to play the creepy characters,” said longtime director and art teacher Deb Cleary. “The time period is the late 1800’s with modern elements sprinkled in. The play is dramatic, comedic, and a bit of a farce.”

According to Heuer Publishing, Vampire Count Fritz Fangful and his devoted assistant Igor have lived comfortably in the cellar of Rattrap Manor awaiting the perfect beauty whose blood will enable Fangful to live forever.

When winsome Greta Belleneck arrives at the manor (her legacy from a long-lost Uncle), Aunt Chatterbit warns her to leave the old crumbling building at once. But Greta decides the rambling old mansion will make a perfect hotel where travelers can rest their weary bones.

Many more antics occur with a failed romance by Fangful, while Belleneck falls for the handy-man Able Abe.

Rehearsals have been going on for a couple of months from 6-8 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

The six characters include Greta Belleneck played by Natalie Pratt, Aunt Chatterbit played by Brooklyn Strub, Count Fritz Fangful by Austin Shugars, Igor is Aaron Costner, Lotta Payne, and Jay Lauzon.

“The cast seems to be enjoying themselves, all are great in their roles,” added Cleary.

“I like that the play is funny and has a twist at the end which we don’t want to give away,” said Pratt. “I was very excited when I received the lead role and I think that I give my character Greta Belleneck some spunk.”

The play is approximately two hours long including intermission with two acts. Act one has three scenes. Act two has two scenes all of which take place in Rattrap Manor.