AFD receives grant to purchase fire hoses


AMBOY – The Amboy Fire Department received the announcement on Tuesday, Oct. 10 that it will be awarded $4,000 from the Compeer Financial’s Fund for Rural America, the Farm Credit cooperative’s giving program.

AFD Fire Chief Jeff Bryant Sr. said the grant comes at a great time.

“The grant application was written to increase our amount of fire hose available for fires,” said Bryant Sr., who writes all the grant applications for the department. “This gives us more hose to use during prominent fires and it gives us additional hose to use while other hoses are being cleaned.

“It helps our budget because now it’s one year that we don’t have to budget for fire hoses because the grant provided it. That’s the key. Now we don’t have to budget funds toward the hoses.”

The Amboy Fire Department currently has 8,000 feet of fire hose.

With the $4,000 grant, the department will be able to add an additional 750 feet.

In total, Compeer granted 177 awards. A press release stated the grants are designed to alleviate the financial burden of essential equipment for community emergency response departments serving rural America.