The Amboy FFA members hosted the Amboy FFA Trivia Night Saturday, March 4 at the Amboy Community Building. The trivia fundraiser had 16 teams of eight players each, which helped bring in over $7,000. Pictured above, the MC for the Amboy FFA Trivia Night was Margaret Vaessen, who graduated in 2020 after being a part of the Amboy FFA. Freshman Kaitlyn Dempsey and Brad Dinwiddie, who graduated early in December and was the Amboy Chapter FFA treasurer, got food ready for the trivia players. Each FFA member had a responsibility during the Amboy FFA Trivia Night, as junior Emma Dinges was the coin flipper for the Heads or Tails game, others were stationed at the table by the door, and FFA members walked around selling correct answers for the teams that were stumped.

Brandon LaChance/Amboy News