Planning underway for annual Amboy Christmas Walk

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AMBOY — October is half-way over and soon it will be November and then Thanksgiving, and then the 2017 Amboy Christmas Walk.

This year’s Christmas Walk will see a few changes, starting with the date the annual event will be held. This year’s Christmas Walk will be held from 4 – 8 p.m., on Saturday, Dec. 2.

Organizers Meghan Schamberger and Gina McCoy, in a letter sent out to area businesses, wrote, “We are hoping by changing this to an evening event it will bring a true feeling of the Christmas spirit to our downtown. One of our main goals for this event is to offer something for everyone.”

The letter went on to say that this event will be family oriented but they want the event to appeal to all ages. Another change this year will be the elimination of the punch cards.

“In staying with tradition of past years we’d still like to offer a Christmas Committee Drawing for all participants of the Christmas Walk,” the letter continued. Instead of the punch cards, this year, participating businesses will have a large jar and patrons who visit the businesses will fill out slips of paper to be placed in the jar.

At the end of the night, the jars will be collected and the winner will be selected and contacted the following day. The grand prize is still to be determined. Organizers wrote business are welcome to sponsors its own drawing/giveaway during the event.

“Overall, our main goal is to help promote your business and get people to stop in throughout the Christmas Walk to partonize your business and see what you have to offer,” the letter continued. “We are hoping that every business will be willing to participate, to help us bring our whole community together.”

The Amboy News will be open during the Christmas Walk and will be accepting letters to Santa. More information on the Christmas Walk will appear in upcoming editions of the Amboy News.

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