Lions host pumpkin designing event

AMBOY — Amboy Lions members Perry Braida, Dave Kemp, Mike Danekas, Jim Travi, and 10 High School Leo Club members with their sponsor, Danielle Benesh, gathered on Oct. 22 at Amboy Central School for a pumpkin designing event with the fourth grade class.  

Each fourth grade student was given a pumpkin from the Amboy Lions Club purchased at a deep discount, thanks to the generosity of Linda Murray of the Linda Murray Farm on IL Route 38.  The students were given creative freedom to design various types of faces or develop elaborate designs. Some students drew football logos/numerals of their favorite teams on their pumpkins.  

The Leos and Lions assisted the students with their drawings. The students then transferred the designs to their pumpkins. At the conclusion of the event, Lion Travi distributed tokens donated by Meusels’ Dairy Delight to each student for a treat next spring. The students enjoyed designing their pumpkins and proudly took them home at the end of the school day to brighten up their homes for Halloween. 

This is one of the many community events in which the Lions are involved in throughout the year. If any area resident over 18 would like more information about becoming a Lion please contact a Lion member or go to our website or Facebook page.


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