Lee County Dec. 13, 2021 COVID update

LEE COUNTY — The Lee County Health Department announces 208 new positive cases between Dec. 7 - 13. 

Here are the ages that were reported: 41 under the age of 12, 30 in his or her teens, 33 in his or her 20s, 35 in his or her 30s, 19 in his or her 40s, 23 in his or her 50s, 13 in his or her 60s, 8 in his or her 70s, 5 on his or her 80s, and 1 in his or her 90s. A total of 12 residents are currently hospitalized. The county also reported that the number of cases in unvaccinated individuals is 185 of the 208 cases.

The Lee County Health Department’s website has a COVID-19 section, including information for people who have tested positive. See www.LCHD.com/Covid19 for more.


As of Dec. 17, according to IDPH 43,834 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Lee County, and a total of 18,687 people in Lee County are fully vaccinated, which is 54.60 percent of the population. A total of 20,275 have received at least one dose of the vaccine. A total of 7,009 people have received the vaccine booster shot.

To get scheduled for the vaccine, go to www.LCHD.com and click on the COVID-19 vaccination to self-schedule.