Forty-one youth attend Amboy Girls Basketball Camp

Basketball Camp – 4th, 5th, 6th Grades Front row, left to right, Mackenna Alletto, Kendyll Whitney, Amelia Kant. Middle row, Laci Daniels, Reagan Miller, Ali Althaus, Amelia Nichols, Alexis White, Taylyr McNinch, Tinley Helms, Annabelle Leffelman. Back row, Hannah Whitman, Madison Phillips, Sophya Fonderoli, Scarlett Payne, Bailey Wittenauer, MaKayla Phillips, Molly Wilson, Cozy Schoenholz, Kylie Vaupel. Not pictured, Kaiya Kaleel, Aliyah Holtzclaw. Photo submitted

AMBOY – The Amboy Girls’ Basketball Camp was held May 31-June 3 and June 7-10 at the AHS gym. There were 41 campers in attendance.

The camp was divided into two sessions. The first session included campers in fourth, fifth and sixth grades, and the second session included campers in seventh, eighth and ninth grades.

Award-winners for the first session are as follows:

Free Throws – 1st place, Reagan Miller; 2nd place, Kylie Vaupel’ 3rd place, Cozy Schoenholz

Hot Spots – 1st place, Sophya Fonderoli; 2nd place, Taylyr McNinch; 3rd place, Laci Daniels

Most Improved – 1st place, Cozy Schoenholz; 2nd place, Kylie Vaupel, Ali Althaus, Reagan Miller, Annabelle Leffelman

Hustle – 1st place, Taylyr McNinch, Laci Daniels; 2nd place, Tinley Helms, Ali Althaus

Best Defense – 1st place, Kendyll Whitney; 2nd place, Laci Daniels, Taylyr McNinch

Best Rebounder – 1st place, Sophya Fonderoli; 2nd place, Madison Phillips, Hannah Whitman, Cozy Schoenholz

MVP – Hannah Whitman

League Champs – Scarlett Payne, Kylie Vaupel, Hannah Whitman, Reagan Miller

Award-winners for the second session are as follows:

Free Throws – 1st place, Maddie Althaus; 2nd place, Callan Christoffersen; 3rd place, Lili Leffelman

Hot Spots – 1st place, Maddie Althaus; 2nd place, Jadyn Whelchel; 3rd place, Jillian Anderson

Most Improved – 1st place, Madi Heath; 2nd place, Sammy Nauman, Bella Yanos

Hustle – 1st place, Sydney Whelchel; 2nd place, Addi Blaine, Jillian Anderson, Lili Leffelman

Best Defense – 1st place, Ellie McLaughlin; 2nd place, Sydney Whelchel, Jillian Anderson

Best Rebounder – 1st place, Kiera Karlson; 2nd place, Ellie McLaughlin, Bella Yanos

MVP – Jillian Anderson, Kiera Karlson, Ellie McLaughlin

Campers of the Day – May 31, Sophya Fonderoli & Ellie McLaughlin; June 1, Kendyll Whitney & Sammy Nauman; June 2, Hannah Whitman & Bella Yanos; June 3, Taylyr McNinch & Jillian Anderson; June 7, Laci Daniels, Amelia Kant & Kiera Karlson; June 8, Kylie Vaupel, Cozy Schoenholz, Sydney Whelchel & Madi Heath; June 9, Annabelle Leffelman & Lili Leffelman.

The camp coaches were Mike McCracken, Shauna Dinges and Elizabeth Ortgiesen. High school players that worked the camp were Olivia Dinges, Courtney Ortgiesen, Emily Sachs, Addison Pertell, Tyrah Vaessen and Kenley Wilson.