FEMA grant headed to Amboy Fire Department

AMBOY — The Amboy Fire Protection District has a tough job of retaining fires and many other life-threatening duties.

Although not life threatening, the department also has the difficult responsibility of raising the funds to make sure firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) have the equipment and training needed to complete tasks. 

This includes going through the process of filing for federal grants.

The Amboy Fire Protection Agency was approved of a $39,000 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Fire Act Grant. 

“These grants are very important. Basically, manpower and recruitment retention are a dire need,” Chief Bryant Sr. said. “We’re having to staff and paying for staff to get by and we’re using money that is earmarked for equipment to do so. Anytime we can get funding to replace equipment or funding to recruit and train firefighters, it helps offset that cost.

“It’s very beneficial. There is a ton of money out there. The caveat is you have to have time and people to go after the money. We have to keep going after the money and hopefully we can continue to be successful and benefit our community and our neighbors.”

The FEMA grant, which Amboy found out it was approved Friday, Aug. 26, is going to be used to pay for a new fire engine, which has been ordered.

This is the seventh FEMA grant the department has received.

On July 28, the Amboy Fire Protection District was approved of a $125,463 federal grant in part of Senator Dick Durbin’s Supporting and Improving Rural EMS Needs Act (SIREN).