Depot Museum dedicates donations during open house

Native Amboyan and former Lee County Treasurer Sharon U. Thompson was honored with a memorial brick that was dedicated to her family in the Amboy Depot Museum’s Memorial Brick Pad. Thompson, who passed away on Oct. 3, 2019, volunteered for the museum during many Depot Days. Her husband, children, grandchildren, sisters and two friends attended the dedication at the museum on Oct. 3. Photo submitted

AMBOY — The Amboy Depot Commission held an Open House on Saturday, Oct 3, where they showcased the museum’s outdoor grounds. 

Due to recent uptick in COVID-19 cases in and the cool weather, the number of attendees was small, so Depot Museum Commission member Linda Disney recorded a video of the event and posted to the museum’s Facebook page for all to see.

The new memorial brick pad was completed after Depot Days in 2019, but was officially dedicated on Oct. 3. The new pad is located at the north end of Clint Conway Park by the Palmer School House.  

The newest addition to museum campus is two cement benches and one cement square picnic table with four attached benches. Three families donated these memorial items. A plaque is on each cement piece listing who it is in memory of.

Kathleen and Mary Louise Branigan along with the Joanne Branigan Trust from Phoenix, Ariz., purchased a red brick cement square picnic table with four benches in memory of their parent’s, Frank and Kathryn Branigan, local business – Branigan Motors.  

This picnic bench is placed across the street from the Lee County Tourism Building, north of the museum.  


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