Amboy Police Officer credited with saving baby’s life

AMBOY — At the most recent Amboy City Council meeting held on July 18 at the Amboy Community Center the mood was joyous as Amboy Police Officer Tom Lehman was recognized for his quick thinking and was credited for saving the life of three month old, Harper Howell, who along with her parent’s Reece and Brandi were in attendance.  

When Lehman arrived on scene little Harper was having difficulty breathing and Lehman’s training kicked in. 

“That first big baby scream was just fabulous,” Lehman shared with everyone. 

Amboy Police Chief Paul Smith stated that the doctors at the hospital said that the baby probably wouldn’t have survived without the efforts of Officer Lehman. 

“In these times police officers put up with a lot of negativity and lack of support, tonight we thank Officer Lehman for an outstanding job,” said Smith. 

“We will be forever grateful to Officer Lehman for what he did for Harper and all of us,” said Harper’s dad, Reece.

In business news, Alderman Dave Shaw who is on the Depot Commission requested from the council where the new gazebo will be located. No decision will be made until after Depot Days. He also mentioned that volunteers are needed to work at the museum, freight and school houses for the four day event. Amboy Mayor John Schamberger voiced that he enjoys reading the new Depot newsletter that has some interesting facts. 

Alderman Jake Leffelman put in a request on behalf of the library for a new trash can. The current one seems to be always overflowing and a different type with a flap will make it easier to see when it’s full and pickup made easier. 

Alderman Shaw informed the council that the alternate well is up and operational for heavy summer use. 

In new business, the council approved the hiring of Fehr Graham out of Freeport, for the services of grant writing for the Water/ Sewer departments. 

A four page breakdown of the 2022-23 appropriations were handed out and ratified by the council. 

Building Inspector Don Clayton reported one new garage, deck, and porch permit requests. There was a question in regards to ‘One Way’ signage for Metcalf St. before school begins with that to take place in the next week.  

Now that there is a fresh new blacktop road area in the Sports Park, a discussion was started about the need for speed bumps. No official vote was taken but two to three were recommended.