Amboy Police issue notices around town to abate nuisance violations

AMBOY — Over the course of two weeks, Amboy Police Officers will be issuing notices to abate nuisance violations. Officers will be conducting street by street patrols identifying violations.

Residents will be sent notices with specific timeframes in which the violations must be corrected. In the event that violations are not corrected, officers may issue citations. If you have unlicensed or inoperable vehicles outside of an enclosed building, or accumulated junk or other material, you will most likely be receiving a notice.

As of Oct. 9, officers have identified 70 properties that have been declared to be in violation of the city nuisance ordinance. These violations included the accumulation of rubbish as defined in the city nuisance ordinance, inoperable or unlicensed vehicles, and weeds and grass in excess of the height restrictions. Officers will now begin enforcement that may include the towing of vehicles as well as citations for other violations.

Each day the violations continue to exist, constitutes a separate violation. If you have received a notice, the police department will be reinspecting the property after the date indicated.

The Amboy Police thanks those residents who have already complied with notices.

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