Amboy Fire welcomes two additions to department

AMBOY — The Amboy Fire Department is excited to share with the residents in and around the area, two new additions to the department.

For the past 20 years or so, there have been three weather sirens around the perimeter of Amboy: one at the sports park, one at the campground and another at the trailer park. But the department still wanted to have one available in the city limits. 

“The sirens operate on a battery and if another storm should come through, there is a possibility that the batteries are exhausted and won’t sound again,” said Scott Wittenauer. 

The siren that has been installed in front of the fire department will serve as a back up to the other sirens. It is mounted on a 40-foot tower and revolves so that the warning will go out to all areas of the city.  Fire department personnel can remotely activate the new siren. The siren was purchased from government surplus. 

The tower has a dual purpose as it can also be used as a training center for the local fire department.

The other new addition to the Amboy Fire Department is the special ops trailer. The special ops trailer will be utilized in special circumstances and emergency situations. 

The trailer can provide air conditioning for those who are overheated or heat for those who are cold. The trailer is stocked with equipment for water rescue, grain bin rescue and other specialized needs. It has cold-water rescue suits, an inflatable boat and motor, an ATV to reach remote areas. It also has rehabilitation chairs will are used for those who are overheated and a drone that can assist with emergency situations. 

The drone has been used to assist in a Peru standoff and in searching for a fugitive in Winnebago County.

A communication center with laptops is also located in the interior of the trailer.

“It will be the chief’s call as to when the special ops trailer will be deployed,” said Bill Gerdes. “It will depend on the nature of the call.”

Everything on or in the trailer has come to the department with no cost to the citizens of Amboy. Many of the items were purchased through funds received from the profits of the annual car show or through government surplus.

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