Amboy Fire Gets “Another Set of Hands”

AMBOY — The Amboy Fire Protection District EMS Department is pleased to announce it has been selected as a grant recipient of a LUCAS Chest Compression System, awarded by the Mercyhealth Development Foundation.

The Mercyhealth Development Foundation’s Board of Directors recently committed more than $400,000 to purchase 30 LUCAS devices to award to regional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies. The LUCAS systems deliver high-quality mechanical CPR in a consistent manner, and have proven to improve cardiac arrest survival rates and save lives.

“The benefits to both the patient and first responders are staggering,” said Dr. Jay MacNeal, Director of Mercyhealth’s MD-1 Physicians. “LUCAS is a labor-saving device with proven clinical improvements in our system. Performing high-quality CPR typically occupies several EMS providers, but the LUCAS device’s automated compressions free these providers to perform other life critical skills. With these devices on board our agencies’ ambulances, as well as high-fidelity simulation training and advanced protocols, we hope to improve our patients’ cardiac arrest survival to over 3-4 times the national average,” MacNeal said.

Amboy Fire Chief Jeff Bryant said, “The LUCAS Chest Compression System is like having another pair of hands available at a very crucial time.”

Mercyhealth Development Foundation Director Jennifer Johns said approving the funding for the LUCAS equipment was an easy decision for the Foundation Board after they heard about the far-reaching impact it would have.

“One of the Foundation’s goals is to help improve the health of the communities Mercyhealth serves. In addition to saving countless lives, the LUCAS machines will greatly improve the quality of pre-hospital, emergency medical services to our patients,” said Johns.

Amboy EMS Senior Paramedic Dave Lohse and Deputy Chief Garret Gerdes shared their enthusiasm and gratitude for the new equipment.

“We want to thank the Mercyhealth Development Foundation for its generosity in providing us with another tool in saving lives,” said Gerdes. “The LUCAS device is very portable and easy to use. We are excited for what it will bring and how it will better equip us in successfully providing services to our community.”

Bryant reported that the donation saved the AFPD more than $12,000. The system was received June 12 and is in service at this time.


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