AHS teaches life lessons, skills during half day

Amboy High School turned another half day of school into life skills and lessons on Monday, Feb. 13 with Adulting Day 101. During Adulting Day, a student chose six of the possible 34 sessions to attend. The lessons ranged from household organization, clutter and decluttering, house maintenance, microwave cooking, handling a car accident, balanced nutrition, sewing, car insurance, first aid, laundry, and food shopping. The AHS Class of 1996 funded the event and there were many different presenters including Gerdes Auto & Truck Sales and Service, Inc., which taught students how to change a tire course, and Tony Johnson showed them self-defense moves. Submitted photos

AMBOY – Half days of school at Amboy High School are not just ordinary half days.

Instead, the Clippers are shown valuable skills they can use now and as they make their journey through life.

Adulting Day 101 on Friday, Feb. 13 was designed to incorporate a wide-range of lessons for the students. Each student chose six of the 34 possible class options. 

There were household and cooking sessions such as household organization, clutter and decluttering, basic house maintenance, household cleaning, laundry, kitchen and food safety. microwave cooking, meal planning and prep, balanced nutrition, and food shopping.

Automobile advice was giving in handling a car accident, handling a traffic stop, roadside emergencies, buying a car, changing a tire, car maintenance, and car insurance.

Students were prepared for college or how to get to college with sessions on writing scholarship applications, being a good college roommate, decide on a college, and dorm room cooking.

Self-care was made a priority in mental health, sleep and exercise, and schedules.

Managing funds and big purchases were taught in credit and debit cards, buy or rent a house, budgeting, taxes and tax forms, and online banking. 

Other important courses included sewing, medical insurance, simple first aid, yard maintenance, how to tie a tie, and self-defense techniques.

There were many different presenters from within AHS and the community. The Amboy High School Class of 1996 funded Adulting Day 101.